Pastor Tim Hunsinger celebrates a first Sunday (January 6, 2019) in worship for the Northwest campus of Desert Spring United Methodist Church, the beginning of a New Year, the  beginning of a new community in Christ. 

Pastor Hunsinger says it well, “I was blessed to experience God’s power and grace though the many volunteers that have worked so hard to make Desert Spring Church Northwest a reality. I’m thankful for the members of Desert Spring Summerlin who came to support the launch and to be a welcoming presence for our first time visitors. I could feel the Spirit at work and look forward with great anticipation to see what God is going to continue to do in the Northwest!” 

Desert Spring UMC Northwest #2

The worship team led a vibrant, warm, and meaningful time of worship. The New Year/Epiphany/First Sunday message was spot on — inspiring and relevant to all lives, a successful launch to a great start. In addition to the 60 committed starters, about 30 new people registered in with interest to continue. Along with their small group gatherings, these new pioneers now have weekly worship to invite others to experience.

The community meets Sundays 9:00 am at Somerset Academy, 8151 N Shaumber Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89166 (www.DesertSpringChurch.com).  We offer our prayers and encouragement to our new emerging faith community in the Desert Southwest Conference connection!

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Author: North District

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