I still love you, but you’re making it very difficult…

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Earth Care

By J. P. Smith | photo by Rita E. Germany

This may be the sentiment that God has in response to our treatment of His gift of the earth and everything living upon it. He is definitely calling us in the night. “I will go Lord, if you lead me,” the hymn offers.  The General Board of Church and Society is offering leadership in the publication of Social Principles(1), in part, a response to the climate crisis.

“God has granted us stewardship of creation.” (p22) “…developments have led to regional defoliation, dramatic extinction of species, massive human suffering, overpopulation, and misuse and overconsumption of natural and nonrenewable resources…”

“The whole earth is God’s good creation and as such has inherent value. We are aware that the current utilization of energy sources threatens this creation at it’s very foundation.” “We encourage persons to limit CO2 emissions toward the goal of one tonne per person annually.”(p23) Currently some are responsible for emitting 10 times that amount. “We strongly advocate for the priority of the development of renewable energies.” This is a much easier lift now that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels.

“Science and theology are complementary rather than mutually incompatible.”(p25) We, therefore, encourage dialogue between the scientific and theological communities and seek the kind of participation that will enable humanity to sustain life on earth and, by God’s grace, increase the quality of our common lives together.” Still a bit fuzzy how you can help protect God’s gift today? Slow down on eating beef; make a game of how long you can leave the car at home; plant an edible landscape; recycle especially plastic and aluminum; join EarthKeepers (2); buy local produce/products, but most importantly, talk about the climate crisis with others. Share ideas. God still loves you, but his patience is wearing thin.

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  2. EarthKeepers- https://www.umcmission.org/learn-about-us/news-and-stories/2018/november/earthkeepers-commissioned-to-creative-service

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