On the Road with Dan

By Rev. Dan Morley, North District Superintendent

Our District Leadership Conference is a beautiful example of the strength of our connectional church. Many, many servant-leaders made the Conference happen.  It was like Paul’s example of the body with many members each lending their gifts to make the whole function (Romans 12). 

I give thanks to each site which coordinated many persons to host the conference. There was hospitality, registration, set up, and the challenging task of tech needs. Attempting to connect us in “real-time” across the many miles of our North District is a daunting task. The tech team gave above-and-beyond of their time and expertise in multi-media, sound, and internet knowledge. They exemplified Paul’s image of the body working together in a way that each relied upon the other to do their part to make the full connection.  

Then there were the preachers and teachers who offered us reflection and learning on being the church today. From one site to the next, the baton was handed from preacher to preacher as in these challenging times we seek to Stay Calm, Connected, and on-Course.  

The knowledge and gifts offered through the wide array of workshops were impressive. I have heard many comment that they only wish they could have attended each and every workshop. We will look for ways to share the workshop insights.

Jon Katov and the Open Table team introduced us to the potential in our connection of being a relational network. We have the opportunity to always be functioning in a way in which the assets represented in our members can be drawn upon as we meet around network tables across the district. In the coming months, invitations will come forward for churches to engage in this pilot program of learning the practice of Relational Network Tables.  

The North District is a mighty team of ministers. I thank God for the gifts and blessings placed in our churches and each disciple. It is a joy to serve with you. 

Please take a moment to offer feedback on our 2019 North District Leadership Conference. Your input is needed. Please click on the following link to complete the review. The District Leadership Team will use your input in designing and preparing for our 2020 Conference. https://goo.gl/forms/Ma9pnyezjXXW4xwB2 

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Author: North District

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