Student-Directed Video Series

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Knowing that the church wants to hear the voices of young people, Frontera Wesley is producing a video series.

“Our students are doing this student-directed series to offer the larger church an opportunity to hear them. We are producing films in English and Spanish on alternating weeks, with the corresponding subtitles.”

Rev. Hanna Bonner

Share these videos within your own communication channels and find more from Frontera Wesley at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC52VbyCFhPStt4WQWASyYxw

Listen to Frontera Wesley President, Paige Anderson, and her brother discussing what it means to love the church and one another during this time in the history of the United Methodist Church.
Hear Mireya discuss the faith that enables her to trust in God’s unconditional love, despite being told that her sexual orientation is a bad thing that makes her unable to receive God’s love.
Escuche a Mireya hablar sobre la fe que le permite confiar en el amor incondicional de Dios, a pesar de que se le diga que su orientación sexual es algo malo que la hace incapaz de recibir el amor de Dios.

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Author: DSC Communications

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