An Outreach Witness

by | Mar 4, 2019 | North District Notes

Across our North District connection, there are many outreach ministries bringing hope and grace into the lives of people in our communities. Some of these ministries are directly sponsored by a local church and others come through a connection and partnership a church member has through another organization. I invite the sharing of outreach ministries which meet the vision and values of your United Methodist Church and of our Desert Southwest Conference. In sharing, we inspire others in sharing the love of Christ in their community or in partnering across our connection. Share your outreach ministry story of being a Courageous Church – loving like Jesus, acting for Justice, and united in hope.

Michelle Gold is a member of Desert Spring UMC. She has partnered her work as Volunteer Coordinator at Encompass Health: Hospice with her ministry through Desert Spring UMC. Click Here for a Loaves and Fishes Outreach Witness.

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