Celebrating UMM in the South District

by | Apr 2, 2019 | United Methodist Men

The South District Ramp Mission for 2019 is excited to announce that plans for our first ramp have been kicked off. This coming Friday, March 22, a Site Survey will be conducted to determine the design and associated requirements which will ultimately allow building a ramp for a low-income person with physical disabilities. This Site Survey is a key stage in the ramp process which will determine IF a ramp can be built under the existing site conditions. Once a plan has been determined, assuring a safe ramp that is both efficient and economical, then planning can proceed forward with other key activities ultimately leading to witnessing the joy on the face of the client’s first wheelchair ride and the satisfaction on the faces of the volunteers who made it happen. 

Our Conference goal for 2019 is to build 100 ramps. This ramp is just a beginning, and there is much work remaining to achieve our goal. But, we feel confident that the goal is realistic and with your support, and God’s continued blessings, we will get there! 

One event that has recently happened to enhance out efforts has been the collaboration with Volunteer Interfaith Caregiver Program (VICap) in Sierra Vista. VICap has been instrumental in obtaining the potential client we are now engaged with. VICap will continue to screen ramp candidates, sort out the details, and provide SAWs-Southwest with qualified potential clients. We are so thankful to VICap for their up-front solicitations which relieve us from those time-consuming chores and allows us to concentrate on more direct ramp activities. We want to continue to gather more agencies like VICap to improve our ramp mission efforts. 

You too can help by becoming a Volunteer. Log on to DSCUMM.org; go to SEARCH and type in SAWs; select Volunteer; fill out all questions on the form and then click SUBMIT. Someone will be in contact with you shortly. Thanks.

Dale O’Neill
South District President

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Author: Dale O’Neill

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