Sign Posts and Way Markers

by | Apr 2, 2019 | General Conference News

Navigating the Post General Conference connection requires us to pay attention to our signposts and way markers, use the resources below for guidance.

Navigating the United Methodist Connection, post General Conference 2019

Connect and Learn

Connectional Ministries is happy to provide you and your faith community with the resources you need to interpret General Conference 2019.

Follow The Movements

Across the world various groups are speaking about the future of our church. Below are some of these voices being heard.

DSC Events

Follow Local Leaders and Participate in Conference Events.


Our Ministry Continues

We are a Courageous Church: Loving Like Jesus, Acting For Justice, United In Hope


Advanced Daily Christian Advocate

Daily Proceedings of GC 2019

Legislation Under Review


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Author: Beth Rambikur

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