Church of the Resurrection’s Leadership Institute 2019

by | Jun 15, 2019 | New Faith Communities, Training

The Leadership Institute will be held at Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, MO September 25 – 27. The Institute has been sponsored by Church of the Resurrection for many years. Its goal has been to bring revitalization to churches of all denominations. But this year’s event will be different. In light of the General Conference’s decisions last February, Church of the Resurrection has decided to change its format and focus only on The United Methodist Church and the uncertain times in which we find ourselves.

Whether you call yourself a centrist, progressive, orthodox or any other description, the Institute will create a forum for you to discuss and listen about central topics:

  • How does one lead a divided church?
  • What are the various courses forward that are being chartered and by whom?
  • What might happen at General Conference 2020?
  • What does the Bible say about Human Sexuality?

The goal is to have 1,000 United Methodist Churches attend the Institute. Space will be limited to only two people from a church. Registration and additional information is available at li.cor.org.

If you register for the event, please let Beth Rambikur or Dave McPherson know so we can coordinate a time to meet together during the event.

Beth Rambikur, Director of Connectional Ministries brambikur@dscumc.org

Dave McPherson, Director of New & Vital Faith Communities dmcpherson@dscumc.org

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