2019 Courageous Church Award

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Grants

The Courageous Church Award recognizes churches who are living into the mission of the Conference in courageous ways. This year, the Vital Faith Team and the appointive cabinet awarded the 2019 Courageous Church award to City Square United Methodist Fellowship.

City Square is located in downtown Phoenix. They “work for the transformation of Phoenix as a compassionate, inclusive, creative, and thoughtful place to explore and grow in relationship with Christ.” They courageously love like Jesus, act for justice, and believe that building relationships is how we unite together in hope. From the very beginning of the fellowship, they give 10% of every offering to a local mission in the Phoenix area.

The fellowship hosts inclusive community forums to discuss relevant social topics that affect lives, giving voice to opinions on all sides of an issue. At one of their community forums on education, a patriot group protested outside the church. City Square’s response was to invite them in to be part of the conversation. This act of radical hospitality led to a meaningful discussion.

Members of City Square teach, preach, and live by their belief that all persons are of sacred worth. And to them, all means all. When asylum seekers, including children, were dumped on the streets of Phoenix, City Square went to work. Without knowing how they were going to meet this humanitarian need, they opened their doors to the asylum seekers. The church sheltered them, provided life’s necessities, and gave them hope.

Editor’s Notes:

This article was created from Wendy Swanson’s speech during the 2019 Annual Conference as she presented Rev. Brian Kemp-Schlemmer with the award.

To find out more about the award qualifications or how to apply, visit https://dscumc.org/new-and-vital-faith/courageous-church-award.

To find out more about City Square Church visit https://www.citysquarechurch.org/

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