Arizona has over 800 youth aging out of foster care alone each year. 

They face sad statistics – 20% are instantly homeless, and 1 in 4 will never graduate high school or get their GED. How do these youth even begin to contemplate their future? With our help!

Trinity Opportunity Alliance is a Special Mission of the DSCUMC. We are the interconnection between youth, businesses and faith organizations. Our statement is IGNITE, EMPLOY, THRIVE. Can we come share with your group about the hard true realities of foster youth aging out of care in Arizona, and how you can be in mission with us? Do you know businesses who would be interested in helping young adults find a hand up to a future through employment, perhaps a trade? We have an amazing curriculum to train supportive employers about the challenges and realities for aged out foster youth. 

Read more about what we do, and our youth serving partners on our Facebook or new website www.toaaz.org  

Trinity Opportunity Alliance is keen to share with groups, faith groups, and mission teams, large and small, about foster care for youth in Arizona, and how your congregations and businesses can make a life changing difference in the future of a youth aging out of foster care. Let’s talk.

Carolyn Blaney-Arndt, cblaneyarndt@toaaz.org 

Carolyn is Director of Community Development and Outreach for TOA, a member at Dayspring UMC, and chair of DSCUMC Children & Poverty Task Force

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Author: East District

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