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Nashville, Tenn.: As reported on August 10, the Commission on the General Conference adopted the recommendations of the task force created by the Commission to oversee an independent investigation into allegations of voting improprieties at the 2019 Special Session of the General Conference. 

The task force had four recommendations which were presented to the Commission during its August 7-9 meeting in Lexington, Ky. The Commission unanimously adopted each of the recommendations, which are included in the task force report. One of the recommendations is to refer allegations that still need to be investigated but which are outside the purview of the Commission on the General Conference to the Council of Bishops. Details about those allegations were not included in the report, since it might compromise the work that still needs to be undertaken. 

“Integrity is at stake and the further review must be done properly. If information is released prematurely it can easily compromise any attempt to act on the deeper issue(s) that have violated trust and integrity,” said Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton, an ex-officio member of the Commission on the General Conference, representing the Council of Bishops.

The report is available online at http://s3.amazonaws.com/Website_Properties/news-media/press-center/documents/Final_Report_of_COGC_on_Task_Force.pdf


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