Justa Center has always been a ministry of love for Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. You were the first to see the crisis of homelessness among seniors and the first to respond. Together, we have helped over 6,000 seniors in their journey back to home.

The need has grown exponentially – doubling every four years. Justa Center met that need, but reached a point where we needed help to keep going.

Thanks to the recent article in the Arizona Republic by Laurie Roberts – the Valley has responded with help and hope! Our community learned how the crisis of homeless seniors has grown by 98% in just one year. After meeting members who have successfully returned to housing and those still on the journey, she shared the challenge we were facing with limited resources. The community has responded with support, ideas, and resources to help us serve our seniors.

Community leaders have recognized that Justa Center is unique, not just in the Valley, but in the nation, and are committed to supporting Justa Center into the future. Today’s challenges are the foundation for Justa Center to be more effective, serve more seniors, and continue to provide the essential services that support homeless seniors while on the path to home.

We are better together; your prayers and help are needed. The church has provided much needed resources, volunteers, and community advocates. In the first six months of 2019, 170 seniors moved out of shelters, cars, and off the streets into housing. The Ambassadors, volunteers who visit over 300 seniors every month, are helping seniors remain in housing through friendship, support, and trusted advice.

However, over 500 seniors came to Justa Center for the first time this year and nearly 50% of them have never been homeless before. It is tragic, frightening, and a shame to our community. Without Justa, they would die on the streets. Thank you for helping us help them!

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Author: East District

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