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by | Sep 3, 2019 | DSC Way Forward

The Special Session of the Desert Southwest Annual Conference is less than two weeks away! Many will be surprised to hear that the session cost is estimated to be approximately in the $5K-10K range. Thanks to the generous hosts, Gold Canyon UMC.

In preparation for this event and the upcoming GC2020 and WJ2020. The Way Forward teams from the Desert Southwest Conference are in the thick of it. Identifying several resources and creating new ones for the local church. You can find their meeting notes and updates at https://dscumc.org/way-forward/ along with a button to access the resources.

Who should share this news with the congregation?

If you are receiving this news, you are exactly the right person to share the news and resources with your church. If you have not seen anything in your church newsletter or heard about the way forward in a sermon or congregational conversation, help get the word out by approaching your pastor and church lay leader. We’re doing our best to link to sources that you can repurpose in your own context but if you are nervous about leading a conversation like this, contact us at way-forward@dscumc.org to request some help.

Amicable Separation Team: Submitted legislation to the called session to guide us in our efforts as we commit to being the church together. This legislation calls on us all to strengthen our support of LGBTQ persons in the pews and in leadership and to defy the Traditional Plan by living out our commitment to inclusion. Calling church members to persist in their learning and growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ who inspires us all to share love unconditionally.

Conversations Team: We are constantly exposed to fruitless debates where people just want to get their point across without giving themselves the opportunity to learn from others. Use the resources shared in the Conversations Team Notes as a way to connect with other people and learn about them. Click here to find out more.

All Teams: New videos, research results, and books are available on the https://dscumc.org/way-forward/resources/ page. Host your own small group study or discussion and present your thoughts or questions to your pastor or lay leader.


Western Jurisdiction: Searching for a strong candidate to assist existing leaders in the work of listening deeply to diverse groups of United Methodists in the West and to help to coordinate our efforts to live into this commitment. Click here to find out more.

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