Rev. Jennifer Hageman – Trinity UMC, Las Vegas, NV

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I am a third-generation Denver native.  Go Broncos!  

Rev. Jennifer Hageman

While born there, I did not live there long.  My dad’s work with Mobil Oil had us moving about a lot.  I graduated from East High School in Sioux City, IA and attended the University of South Dakota in Vermillion.  After graduation, I joined my family in Pennsylvania.  Yet, it was not long before the Rockies called me home.  I returned and within a few months, my grandmother broke her hip.  She had been my sitter in my earlier years and so it was my joy to return the love and care for her.  While she recovered, I attended the Denver Paralegal Institute and thus began an 18-year career that landed me in Craig, Colorado.  I had not grown up in the church, but that little Methodist Church that sat on top of a hill in Craig beckoned me.  I went and found the most amazing group of people.  I made friends and received my first Bible from the pastor’s daughter.  I even taught middle elementary Sunday school which was my first venture into the Bible.  A seed of teaching was planted.

The job in Craig ended and after a short stint in Denver, I joined my parents in Las Vegas.  The seed planted in Craig took root and grew during the years I attended Green Valley UMC.  Paulette Burns took me under-wing and taught me to teach – which is my passion.  With the support of the church, I attended Asbury Seminary, where another seed was planted – the seed of faith in action.  While in Seminary, I volunteered at a nursing home, assisted in leading worship at a men’s minimum security prison, and served at a soup kitchen.   I have over the years been on mission experiences with youth groups and churches.  Now, at Trinity UMC, I am excited to participate in a food distribution ministry.  While I enjoy providing the food, I am enlivened by the relationships being formed with the people we serve – some of whom come to church.

On a more personal note, my hobbies are walking, hiking, playing with my dog, Toby, and working jigsaw puzzles (the larger piece ones as my eyesight ain’t what it used to be).  My favorite vacation was a six-day, five-night rafting trip on the Snake River.  Truly Awesome.  

I am glad to be back in Vegas.

Jennifer Hageman

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