When do you pray?

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Board of Lay Ministry

Early in my adult prayer life, I learned that I had to start my day in prayer with the Lord, that I had to put God first in my day. So I tried. I would get up and reach for my bible only to find that after reading for a few minutes that I would fall back asleep and be late for work. So next, I got up, dressed and ready for work, and then started reading. I found myself getting impatient and distracted, knowing that I had a lot of unfinished items waiting for me at work. My mind wandered. I couldn’t focus on what I was reading. I wasn’t giving God my attention or heart. I felt like a failure at daily prayer. Why was this so hard for me? All my other friends did their morning devotions and never had issues like I was having. I continued to struggle. One day, my friend Karen presented me with an evening devotional. You are kidding me – could it be that simple to cure my daily prayer blues? Indeed, it was! I was so focused on the time of prayer and devotion, that I forgot the purpose of the time dedicated to God. Amazingly simple! Now I read my daily devotion and Bible at the end of the day. It is a great way to close out my day.

When do you pray? Morning? Evening? Do you read the Bible or a daily devotional? Do you journal or speak out loud to God? Pick the time, method, and materials that work for you. Try different things until you find your best fit. The important thing is that you set aside a special time every day to spend in relationship with God.

We are on a prayer journey…walk with me.

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Author: Laurie Lineberry

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