Yuma Assembles over 600 Hygiene Kits

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Disaster Response

Recruiting 49 volunteers representing 14 church and community organizations, First UMC, Yuma assembled over 600 hygiene kits and donated $1000 to UMCOR for survivors of natural disasters. Besides the onsite
volunteers, there were many others who organized and transported the kits to the Salt Lake City UMCOR Depot. Among them is Steve Matthews from Oregon, who volunteers his time and vehicle to pick up and transport hygiene kits and flood buckets to the Depot. Michael Bryant, pastor at First Yuma, commented that one of the benefits of the project was getting the UMCOR name and mission before many persons not affiliated with any church. If you want more information on how to organize a community event, to send an e-mail to Michael Bryant please click here


There is interest in how we as ERT’s can respond to the wild fires in California. Judy Lewis, the Conference Disaster Response Coordinator in Southern California is in regular communication with us sharing updated information. Right now there is no immediate response indicated. Several have inquired about building sifting boxes for the survivors whose home s have burned. Currently, the Conference leaders in California are not requesting them. One of the logical problems is not having storage facilities here or near the burn areas to keep the sifters. Any change in status will be communicated by email.

ERT Trailer

A group of ERT’s from the Phoenix area re-loaded the ERT trailer with equipment and supplies the last week in October. The bins are organized and clearly labeled on the shelves and distributed for weight and balance. The decision was made to sell our current generator and replace it with a smaller, lighter one. Not only will the new generator save space and weight in the trailer, it will also be easier to move about on the worksite. With the repairs to the trailer, it was discovered the battery to activate the emergency braking system was dead. It was replaced and a solar panel for the rooftop of the trailer was donated to keep the new battery charged when the trailer is not in use. Thank you to all those who assisted in loading the trailer and improving its safety.

Future Training Events Update

Feb. 1, 2020 – First UMC, Yuma Basic ERT – 8 hour class Qualifies for ERT and Saipan responses Polly Turner, Instructor March 14, 2020 – Central UMC, Phoenix Basic ERT class Level 200 classes Leadership Assessment Safety Logistics Practical skills Tarping Ladder Safety Mold and Asbestos Many more Polly Turner, Instructor Tom Mattick, Instructor

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Polly Turner or Tom Mattick please click here

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