‘Letting go’ and blessing received

by | Dec 3, 2019 | West District Lay Leader(s) Blog, West District Newsletter, West District Web Page

Recently my heart and hands were having a difficult time ‘letting go’ of a very special ministry in my life for the past five years … but, while sharing my concerns with our West District Superintendent, Rev. Nancy Cushman, I was able to work through ‘letting go’ – and, was then blessed by being asked to continue to be part of the West District ministry as Associate Lay Leader for the six churches in the Mingus cluster.

How many of us have missed opportunities in our life because we couldn’t bear to ‘let go’ of something?  We know that others have the gifts and graces needed to serve in special ways.  So, to enable a ministry to grow, develop and meet future needs, we do need to ‘let go’ – and let God lead someone else in that ministry that we have loved so much.

As the new year approaches, my plan is to be part of the connection between the six churches, bringing information to the laity about trainings available through Lay Servant Ministry classes; about opportunities to support one another in mission and outreach projects; and, where they might serve within the Desert Southwest Conference.

Letting go of the past….and, reaching out to a new blessing,

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