Saying Good Bye: Changes in Camp and Retreat Ministry

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Camping and Retreat Ministry, Conference Newsletter

January 2020 marks a transition for Camp & Retreat Ministries in the Desert Southwest Conference.  First we thank Rev. Ron Bartlow for his 6 years of service as the Desert Southwest Conference Executive Director of Camp & Retreat Ministries.  Ron’s passion for Camp Ministries began when he attended a Fall retreat at Mingus Mountain Camp as a young teen, returning later to the camp to serve as a cabin assistant and summer camp counselor.  Ron has shared that his own youth experiences at camp played a significant role in directing his life and nurturing his faith. Under his guidance, Camp & Retreat Ministries focused on providing quality, immersive experiences in Christian community, where campers feel accepted and loved.  Over the last six years Ron has worked tirelessly with the Board of Camping and Retreat Ministries to provide a stable vision for connecting campers to Christ and ensuring that Camp and Retreat Ministry in the Desert Southwest Conference is on track to be self sustaining regardless of the future of the United Methodist Church.  We are grateful for his leadership, guidance, and devotion, and pray for God’s continued blessing in the next phase of his ministry.

Another transition is coming for Mingus Mountain Camp as we thank Mike and Barb Crevelt for their 5+ years of service at Mingus Mountain Camp, where Mike served as the Site Director and Barb, the Kitchen Manager.  Mike’s focus on expanding the camp’s outdoor activities included the development of the challenge course and zipline. Under Barb’s guidance, the tradition of wonderful, plentiful meals, continued at Mingus.  Their ministry has impacted and nourished the lives of thousands of people who have participated in camps and retreats at Mingus Mountain.  We wish Mike and Barb well as the couple transitions to Northern California.


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Author: Beth Rambikur

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