Are you called to be the next Conference Lay Leader?

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Annual Conference Sessions Committee, Board of Lay Ministry, Conference Newsletter

Praying for next Conference Lay Leader

Calling all laypeople of the Desert Southwest Conference! It is time to consider if God is calling you to serve as the next Conference Lay Leader. Applications must be received by April 15, 2020, for consideration.

Job Opening: Conference Lay Leader

This position is elected by the Laity of the Annual Conference every four years. The last election was held in 2016 when the laity elected Laurie Lineberry as their Lay Leader. Her term as Lay Leader is coming to a close. It is time for a new Lay Leader to be selected.

So what is the Lay Leader, and what does the Lay Leader do?

According to the Book of Discipline  (Paragraph 603.9 and 607), the Lay Leader is the elected leader of Conference Laity (all of us that are not ordained). The Conference Lay Leader has the responsibility to foster awareness of the role of the laity in their congregations and through their ministries in the home, the workplace, the community, and in the world toward achieving the mission of the Church. This position enables and supports lay participation in the planning and decision-making processes of the Annual Conference, each District (remember, we have four districts: North, South, East, and West) and in the local church, in cooperation with the Bishop, District Superintendents, and Pastors.

How is this done?

The work is done through meetings: many, many meetings. The Conference Lay Leader is a member of a multitude of committees and special groups within the Conference. Currently, Laurie is a member of the following Conference committees: Board of Laity, Board of Ordained Ministry, Episcopacy, Extended Cabinet, Covenant Council, Hispanic Ministries, Sessions, Spiritual Formation, Leadership, and Nominations. Learn more by watching the prerecorded webinar about Conference and District Lay Leaders created by the General Board of Discipleship. Visit www.umcdiscipleship.org and type conference and district lay leaders: what do I need to know in the search line at the top of the page. Fill in the registration form, and the webinar will launch immediately on your computer.

Watch the video and then prayerfully consider this position of service in the Desert Southwest Conference.

If you are interested in being considered for election as the Conference Lay Leader, please don’t hesitate. All applications must be received by April 15, 2020, for consideration. Applicant information is included in pre-conference information, the Annual Conference app., and applicants introduced at the Annual Conference. Click here to fill out the online form, or click here for a downloadable document you may fill out and mail it to Desert Southwest Conference UMC, Connectional Ministries Office Attn: Lay Leader, P.O. Box 32830, Phoenix, Arizona 85064.

Apply today and leave the rest in God’s hands.

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Author: Laurie Lineberry

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