Did you know that Desert Southwest Conference engages a group of more than 600 people each year? You too can volunteer to do ministry across our communities and around the world! Behind every single event you attend, article you read on our website and newsletter, or follow on twitter, instagram, and facebook, there is a dedicated volunteer just like you helping to make it happen. Every year we call on our members to sign up to serve in ministry with the Conference. Sadly, many of those registrations get lost in the shuffle and people never hear back! This year, Connectional Ministries has automated key connection points to make sure that if you sign up to do ministry at the Conference, you will be contacted immediately and receive information about what happens next. Take a moment to let us know what your passion and interest in ministry might be and lets see how we can change the world together!

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Take a moment to let us know who you are and what you are interested in and you will be contacted immediatly with next steps and information.

Learn more about Conference ministries below

Four primary areas in the Desert Southwest Conference where you can volunteer to do ministry:


Click on a ministry area below to see an example of what volunteers do, and learn more about each ministry.


  • Outreach and Mission includes our ministries for outreach and justic that connect people locally and globably through faith, mission, and action, and is one of them most vital parts of DSC Connectional Ministries.
  • Discipling People (Leadership and Education) includes all of the ministries done through Connectional Ministries that are not part of outreach and mission.
  • Growing Churches is all of the ministries done by New Faith, Vital Faith
  • Administrative Ministries is the critical infastructure work like that of finance and trustees that keeps the rest of our ministries going.

DSC Way Forward was created and commissioned during Annaul Conference 2019 to help guide the Conference through the outcome of General Conference 2019 and the possibilities of General Conference 2020. Learn more about the teams, discover resources, and find out how you can be invovled by clicking here.

Below is a list of all the Conference committeees and groups

  • Academy for Spiritual Formation Advisory Board
  • Administrative Review
  • Archives and History
  • ARMS
  • Asylum/Refugee Taskforce
  • Camping and Retreat Ministry
  • Children and Poverty Taskforce
  • Christian Unity and Interreligious Relations
  • Church and Society
  • Clergy and Lay Leadership Dev.
  • Connectional Ministries Advisory team
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Economic Inequality Taskforce
  • Episcopacy
  • Equitable Compensation
  • Ethnic Local Church Concerns
  • Finance and Administration
  • Global Ministries
  • Gun Violence Taskforce
  • Health, Caring, &disAbilities Ministry
  • Higher Education and Campus Ministry
  • Hispanic Ministry
  • HIV Caring Ministries
  • Immigration/JFON Taskforce
  • Investigations
  • Lay Ministry Board
  • Lay Servant Ministry
  • Native American Ministries
  • New Faith Communities
  • Ordained Ministry
  • Pension and Health Benefits
  • Personnel
  • Prison Reform
  • Reconciling and Welcoming Ministry Team
  • Religion and Race
  • SAWS
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Status and Role of Women
  • Trustees
  • Veterans Taskforce
  • Vital Faith
  • Volunteers in Mission
  • UMM
  • UMW

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