WJ News: Episcopal Nominations, UMW Quadrennial, Delegates’ Prayer Request, Leadership Team Meeting, & Group of 10 Report

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Western Jurisdiction Update

Jurisdictional Conference

An event page for the 2020 Western Jurisdictional Conference in July will be up and running soon on the Western Jurisdiction website, http://westernjurisdictionumc.org. Information will include location and lodging, online registration, Episcopal Elections information, and more! Please keep an eye on your conference communication channels for updates.

Leadership Team Meetings

The Western Jurisdiction Leadership Teams and Mission Cabinet are meeting in the Desert Southwest Conference during the second week of February 2020. Some of the work to be done centers around visioning for our future with the Western Jurisdiction Summit’s “Team of Ten.” (Find their recent progress report article by clicking here.) Preparations for General Conference 2020 and the Jurisdictional Conference is another primary focus for the week of meetings. Celebrations and prayerful discernment on summary reports, budget proposals, and mission and ministry for the next quadrennium is also on the agenda.

Prayer Request

If you feel called or worried about the work that is before us as we near General Conference 2020 and Jurisdictional Conference, join us in prayer and subscribe to the Western Jurisdictional news to find out about other ways to engage. To read the recent prayer request from the Western Jurisdiction’s Delegation click here. Please feel free to reprint the prayer request in your local church newsletters or as a church email blast.

UMW Quadrennial Event

Another way to get more involved in Western Jurisdiction mission and ministry is to participate in the UMW quadrennial event, Calling U, which takes place in Tucson, Arizona on April 17-19, 2020. Early bird registration ends on January 31, so visit https://www.wjumw.com/ to find out more or click here to read about it from the Western Jurisdiction UMW President, Judi Nibblink. You don’t have to be involved in a UMW group to attend this event.


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