Worship from home? You can do this!

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Communications, Conference Newsletter

By Christina Dillabough, Director of Communications

With the stay at home order, a new obstacle is introduced for those planning and executing worship. Drive-up worship is no longer recommended. Recording or live streaming worship in the sanctuary is no longer possible. Where does that leave us?

DIY Worship

Prepare worship packets (for download or mail-out) so that families and individuals can practice worship on their own. Click on the links below to find resources for this idea. If you have a video or audio recording of your church’s bell choir, praise band, pianist, choir, soloist, or organist that others can use as part of their at-home service, please click here to upload them into a shared space accessible here: https://bit.ly/AtHomeWorship

Live stream or prerecord a worship message/devotional from your home.

Using your phone or laptop and a set of headphones with a mic attached, you can record and live stream your sermon. If you intend to offer more than a devotional and you want to provide an online worship experience that is closer to an in-person worship experience, you can do that with those two items. (Of course, this assumes that you have internet access too.)

Gather all your worship resources on your laptop, and launch your Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live session. Here’s an example of what it looks like to share your sermon, PowerPoint slides, and a video or audio file via Zoom.

You can do it!

Practice doing the same through a Zoom session today. Invite those that will lead the different sections of the service to join you on a couple of practice sessions. When you’re ready, click the record button in your Zoom session, and save the file to your computer. Facebook and YouTube have editors you can use to trim the beginning, end, or middle sections from your recording. (Click on the platform name to find out more.) If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, email cdillabough@dscumc.org today to order a license with the 50% discount and get it automatically upgraded at no additional cost to include the Webinar 500 and large meeting 500 features.

You’re not alone

Did you know that in addition to your Conference staff and each other, there are several sites available for collaboration and Q&A? Click on the following online spaces and YouTube recorded demonstrations on how to do other worship online stuff.

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Author: Christina Dillabough

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