Earth Day Prayer

April 22nd of every year celebrates Earth Day. This year, April 22, 2020 will mark the 50th  Anniversary of celebrating Earth Day. The Conference Board of Church & Society offers this prayer for you to share. Thank you to Sarah King for this contribution from Vernon Masayesva, former Chair of the Hopi Tribe, current Executive Director of Black Mesa Trust


Today we honor our Mother Earth, this is her day.

But we cannot be joyfully celebrating as our Mother is sick and crying, but no one seems to be listening, less trying to comfort her. Man was put on earth to take good care of our Mother; instead we exploit that which we have been gifted with. Instead of adopting wise use of our resources we are poisoning the air and water, causing climate change and Earth Mother is reacting. Think and Ponder this in view of the Coronavirus pandemic as scientists, risking their own lives, are scrambling to find the cure before more lives are senselessly taken. They will find a cure, but unfortunately it will be temporary. Another virus will come again and again. The Hopi elders say the cause is the way man is slowly killing Mother Earth by exploiting the natural resources to make money, to gain wealth and political power. Let each one of us use this moment to tell our Mother:

“I am listening and I will do whatever I can to help with the healing process.”

Together we will find a way to use the natural resources wisely for the benefit of all who live on earth by combining science, technology, religious faiths and art.

Together let us carry out a Hopi Prayer:

“Let there be Life, let it be a good Life, and let it be Forever.”

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