Open Table – Helping a young adult learn to drive

by | May 4, 2020 | North District Notes, Conference Newsletter, North District Web Page

By Bonnie Morley 

Open Table ministry has been building relationships and supporting those in need for 15 years.

One example is helping a young adult get her driver’s license. She did not have anyone to teach her how to drive, take her to DMV to take her driver’s test, help find a car, and affordable car insurance.  Her table members helped her successfully become a responsible driver in Las Vegas. This also allowed the young adult to find a better paying job as she did not have to rely on bus routes. She became more independent and able to connect with more people.

Open Table (smaller version)The North District began participating in Open Table in 2018. We have trained three mission leaders and four tables of eight volunteers who encourage, share life experiences, social capital, and build a supportive relationship with a young adult aging out of the foster care program. That young driver is one of our success stories. Is it an easy process?  No. It’s messy but oh so rewarding.  Our young adults have expressed how much their table members have provided support, community, and social resources which have made a significant impact on their lives.

To listen to Lynn Wallasky as she shares more about Open Table, click here.

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Author: North District

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