Pentecost, the Spirit is Moving

by | May 5, 2020 | West District Notes, West District Web Page

The month of May holds a couple of national holidays, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. It also ends with an important feast day in the church, Pentecost. Pentecost celebrates the story found in Acts 2:1-13 where the Holy Spirit comes to the disciples and equips them to preach the Good News of Jesus to the people around them—in their own languages. Pentecost is the birthday of the church! While the Scripture describes spoken languages, I believe the Spirit also invites us to speak in other languages—the language of technology is one many of us are learning by a crash course right now. Perhaps the Spirit equips us to share in the language of a generation’s culture—my children who are in their 40s may not understand references from my parent’s generation, nor will my children in their 20s understand some of the references of their older siblings. Their languages may be through technology, music, art, story, and so much more. The language of the first-generation immigrants may be different from the one for their Americanized children. The Spirit is so creative for it comes from the Creator of all; that Spirit has so many languages to gift to us so that we may share the message of God’s love embodied in Jesus Christ.

In this time when we are worshiping through technologies, the conference leadership felt it was a perfect time to celebrate Pentecost as a conference. One worship that draws from across our conference where we can join together to praise God and share the Good News of Jesus. Pentecost will be Sunday, May 31, 2020 and we will have an All-Conference celebration available online and special pieces for those who do not go online. We will have special resources for children. Our Bishop Bob Hoshibata will be preaching. Please join us for this fiery celebration! Watch your local church’s communications or go to the Desert Southwest Conference’s website or Facebook page. Let us join our many voices to praise our one Lord!

Grace and peace,

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Author: Nancy Cushman

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