Reaching out to the Lay Leaders in the West District

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Lay Leaders in our churches are important ‘messengers’, as they are continually making themselves aware of opportunities for the laity in their church.

As of July 1, 2020 the West District is fortunate to introduce the following:

Lay Leader: Jeannie Ward

Associate Lay Leaders:

  • John Huie – serving the Sun City area
  • Sandy Kerr – serving the Yuma area
  • Joyce Trevolt – serving the Phoenix area

Jeannie Ward will be serving the Mingus area, as well as supporting the Associate Lay Leader team.

Our District Lay Leader team will be in contact with the Lay Leaders of the churches in their specific areas. They are dedicating their time to ensure that the church Lay Leaders have the most up to date information regarding events, such as Lay Servant Ministry classes, webinars and articles that should be promoted to their congregations. You will get to know them better over the next few months as they share about themselves in newsletters.

The Desert Southwest Conference values the efforts and contributions of all laity, and we, in the West District have seen the positive effect that laity has had during this time of the pandemic and our need for the technology to reach out to the church membership. Yes, the laity has really stepped up to share their knowledge and time.

So please, when we can all meet again in our Sanctuaries, welcome the District Lay Leader and the Associate Lay Leaders as we visit your churches in-person. It is truly our hope that we will communicate with you often, form a bond of trust and bring you confidence in our availability and willingness to help.

In service with you,


Jeremiah 29:11

West District Lay Leader Team

Jeannie Ward
Jeannie Ward
John Huie
John Huie
Sandy Kerr
Sandy Kerr
Joyce Trevolt
Joyce Trevolt

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