Newly Formed Coalition Presents Actionable Steps to Combat Racism

Phoenix, AZ: Today, the DSC RACE Coalition announced that, on September 1, 2020, they will be releasing educational materials to all members of the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church to aid in the eradication of systemic and explicit forms of racism within its 117 churches, 11 fellowships, and other ministry settings. This material will be released throughout the next twelve months, beginning with:

  • A “21 Day Anti-Racism Challenge” will be released at DSC-RACE.com on September 1, 2020. This important resource will include links to articles, videos, and readings that seek to educate others about systemic, explicit, and unconscious racism within our society. All members of the DSC are actively encouraged to participate in this three-week activity – either individually or in small groups.
  • In addition to self-guided opportunities, the DSC RACE Coalition will be hosting an initial virtual small group opportunity for all members of the DSC. Held once weekly for three weeks, this meeting will be an opportunity for those without a local group to discuss anti-racism with others. Those interested are encouraged to sign up at DSC-RACE.com. (The class is free of charge, though space is limited)

Pilot groups have already been formed within several DSC churches, to implement early versions of the 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge for further development before a wider release.

About the DSC RACE Coalition:

The DSC Race Coalition was formed by the chairpersons of the DSC Commission on Religion & Race (CORR) and the Ethnic Local Church Concerns Committee (ELCC) in conversation with Bishop Bob Hoshibata at the 2020 Annual Conference of the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church. An abbreviation for Reflection, Action, Courageous Dialogue, and Engagement, the DSC RACE Coalition actively works to promote racially-focused education and dialogue within the DSC, as well as eliminate all forms of racism within the conference. Sitting on the DSC RACE Coalition are Rev. Javier Olivares, Julie O’Neal, Pastor Diamond Pate, Rev. Timote Piukala, Rev. Kimberly Scott, Rev. Khalif Smith, Pastor Christopher Wurpts, with DSC support by Rev. Dan Morley and Billie Fidlin.

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Author: DSC Communications

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