4 Capacities Needed to Multiply Your Church’s Ministry

by | Jul 31, 2020 | East District Newsletter

(This article first appeared in “Leading Ideas” from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.)

Multiplication can mean many different things for a church. Sometimes new small groups, new worship communities, new hubs of activity, new people groups, new age-level ministries, new outreach initiatives, the proliferation of new ministry teams, new campuses, even new congregations that your church might help plant.

Since the first century, effective churches have been reaching across cultural boundaries to share the Christian good news with diverse people, who begin with different experiences, perspectives, and stories.

Multiplication also means the same things in every church. Leaders helping to recruit, form, and release new leaders. People letting go of the status quo in order to expand the church’s reach and to share Christ with others. Thinking about the mission beyond simply caring for folks already inside. And carefully evaluating everything you do in light of your stated purpose.

Congregations that are ready to create new places and launch successful new ministry initiatives typically possess four strands of congregational DNA that mark their ability to multiply leaders, ministries, worship, and even launch new faith communities…

To read the full article, go to https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/4-capacities-needed-to-multiply-your-churchs-ministry/

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Author: District Office

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