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Lay Leader……really???

To me anyone can be a lay leader; but were you lead, touch emotionally, a conversation, or nudge into the position?

Everyone comes to terms when you truly have the “sense” that inner feeling (the Holy Spirit), from your friend or family; in fact, a stranger (God incarnate).

Once this happens you are now part of a bigger community even though you feel you should serve your local church. Really? God gave us the great commission; imagine giving away an admission ticket to largest event ever to happen to the world! It’s free! Are you excited….I am! Are you fulfilling the churches needs of the congregation, pastor, and the community at large? This is how we serve (in many ways) GOD! ?

Even though we cannot physically meet or visit during these times; we can connect electronically in so many ways. What is stopping you from doing what you are called to do? Who says you can’t make a physical difference to the church, community, and/or other churches and events around your area? A simple card, and/or a church keepsake personalizes the connection. I can’t wait to communicate with the churches in the west district of the Desert Southwest Conference! So be looking out for the electronic connection (email, a phone call, or video conference) coming your way! And of course, a card and/or church keepsake too. Really….keep in touch (not physically but electronically)! When the time comes where we can congregate at church, at an event, or your home I’ll be there soon! ?

In God’s love and excited serving my Father,

Associate Lay Leader
West District (Sun City Area)

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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