The Bishop’s E-Lumination 8-21-2020

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May 8 E-Lumination

I find myself wanting to share inspiration, information, ideas, and news with you in a way that is quick and simple. So I am creating a new vehicle for doing so. I’ve named it “E-Lumination.” I’m also pleased that our Conference Lay Leader, Laurie Lineberry will contribute her wisdom and faith. Here’s what is on my mind to share with you in this E-Lumination…
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June 1 E-Lumination

Welcome to the second edition of E-Lumination.  As I shared a month ago, I would like to use this vehicle of communication to share some timely information, inspiration, ideas, and news with you in a quick and simple format. This edition has a word of faith and inspiration from our Conference Lay Leader, Laurie Lineberry. Here is what Laurie and I want to share with you…
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June 30 E-Lumination

At the start of the quarantine earlier this spring, our churches had to rethink how we did church. It was unheard of to NOT be together when we were doing the work of the church. But here we are, months later, with many successful new programs and activities throughout the Conference…
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Author: Bishop Hoshibata

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