Family Day Hikes at Mingus Mountain and Potosi Pines Camps

We are excited to offer self guided Family Day Hikes at both camps!  Enjoy nature, beautiful views, stunning flora, and maybe even some fauna, in the beauty of creation at Mingus Mountain and Potosi Pines. This, our first step toward reopening, is small but meaningful. Time in nature brings joy, peace, and allows us to find a new perspective. We know that God calls us to experience creation as a means of experiencing our beloved Creator and we’re sure that days set apart at our camps will be a salve for your soul!

What do you need to know?

– Day hiking time slots are available Wednesday—Sunday from 10am-4pm.
– Day hikes are limited to 5 families per day.
– The cost, per family, is $12 for the day.
– Day hikes must be reserved.
– Each adult must submit a signed waiver, using an electronic signature at least 24 hours prior to arriving at camp. (Adults will sign for their children on the same waiver).
– Guidelines with our COVID protocols will be shared with group leaders and they must be followed by all members of the family while on the grounds.

Register now:
Mingus  http://mmfamilyevents.campbrainregistration.com
Potosi http://ppfamilyevents.campbrainregistration.com

Keep your eyes open for family camping opportunities coming soon!

Potosi Pines Camp Back to School Devotional

The Potosi Pines staff and volunteers have created an inspirational Back to School devotional.   This beautiful work is specially geared towards students as they return to school during these uncertain times of Covid.

Save the Dates!

The camps are excited to share the following dates for 2021:

Teen Girls Retreat at Potosi Pines – March 5-6, 2021
Teen Girls Retreat at Mingus Mountain – Spring, 2021
Women’s Retreat at Potosi Pines – May 7-8, 2021
Mini Camp at Mingus Mountain – June 3-5, 2021
Elementary I Camp at Potosi Pines – June 7-11, 2021
Sr Hi Adventure Camp/Jr High Classic Camp at Potosi Pines – June 14-18, 2021
Elementary I/Jr High I/Sr High Adventure Camp at Mingus Mountain – June 21-26, 2021
Jr High Adventure Camp/Sr High Classic Camp at Potosi Pines – June 21-25, 2021
Elementary II/Jr High II/Sr High Adventures in Mission Camp at Mingus Mountain – June 28-July 3
Younger Elementary Camp at Potosi Pines – June 30-July 2, 2021
Sr High Classic/Jr & Sr High Nature Camp at Mingus Mountain – July 5-10, 2021
Elementary II Camp at Potosi Pines – July 26-30, 2021

Tied Together Campaign

We are excited to report that the Tied Together campaign raised $9,200!!  We created 368 t-shirts in total which are hanging in the camp dining halls – 133 at Mingus Mountain and 235 at Potosi Pines.  Heart felt thanks to all those who donated to this fun campaign!!

Camp Newsletters

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Author: Dina Reid

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