Calling all Sermons!

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Board of Lay Ministry, Conference Newsletter

Laurie Lineberry, Desert Southwest Conference Lay Leader

Ok, well, maybe not ALL sermons.

Here’s an idea for all Desert Southwest Conference pastors. What if there was a place on the Conference website where great sermons were curated and readily available? Grouped by topic and easily accessible to anyone searching for inspiration, help, strength, or a place with God, through DSC pastor sermons, that address:

  • Biblical understanding,
  • Social issues
  • Believing
  • What is Christianity
  • Who is Jesus
  • Why should I believe? (for those searching)

Would you use that website space? I would!

If any pastors out there are interested in helping create and populate this space, please email Laurie Lineberry, at llineberry@dscumc.org. How exciting will it be to see what we can grow together!

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Author: Laurie Lineberry

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