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Mothershed, Rev. Cheryl

The Rev. Cheryl Ann Mothershed was born on Dec 6, 1956 in Mobile, Alabama to a young Airman named James Wesley Mothershed and his bride Ann Grace McMillan. She immediately became an itinerant Air Force Brat and carries the title of Brat proudly to this day. Cheryl Ann spent her formative years in such exotic places as Tripoli, Libya where she attended kindergarten at Wheelus Air Force Base and Athens, Greece where she was baptized and confirmed in the multi-purpose room of Athenai Airport.

Cheryl Ann graduated from Trevor Browne High School in Phoenix, AZ as a junior. She attended her first two years of high school in Athens, Greece.

Shortly after high school, she joined the U.S. Army where she learned to shoot an M-16, drive a tow-truck. and back up a 5-ton trailer.

After an Honorable Discharge, Cheryl Ann attended University of Utah and then returned to Phoenix to attend Glendale Community College where she learned to love computers. This led her to an internship with Arizona State Government where she was promoted up the ranks and stayed for 26 years.

Cheryl Ann holds a B.A. in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Her preparation for ministry began there. Her preparation continued at Fuller Theological.

Cheryl Ann has two grown step-sons, Jeffrey and Michael.

Cheryl Ann is also an officer of American Legion Post 86 in Overgaard, AZ where she serves as 2nd Vice Commander and Post Adjutant.

She currently lives in her RV with her dog Miss Buttons. She is parked in Overgaard, AZ which is now her home town. She loves to read, write, cook, shoot, and garden.


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Author: Carla Whitmire

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