Rev. Tom Butcher – First UMC, Sun City, AZ

by | Sep 15, 2020 | West District Webpage

Rev. Tom Butcher

I am Pastor Tom Butcher and I am delighted to be the new pastor at First UMC Sun City. Though I currently have my home in Texas, I am equally at home here in Phoenix.  In the past I have served several churches in the East Valley including Velda Rose UMC, First UMC in Gilbert, and St. Matthew UMC, and Lakeview UMC. I have also served as the Conference’s programming director, as a district superintendent, and as the denomination’s director for New Church Starts across these United States. I retired two years ago but missed preaching and now God has provided me this opportunity to preach and serve.

It goes without saying, these are certainly challenging times we find ourselves in. Every day we are all faced with confusing and conflicting news about the coronavirus and what we need to do to stay healthy for ourselves and our neighbors. As for the church and our church life, you should know that I am working to provide the possible on-line worship service at First UMC, Sun City.

My personal belief is that there are two wonderful words that are repeated over and over in the bible, “Fear not.” To be sure, fear is not always bad. It keeps us from hurting ourselves such as fearing a hot stove or keeping us from getting too close to the edge of a high cliff. However, when fear paralyzes us and keeps us from moving forward that fear is not useful. I want you to join with me to “fear not”, and to pray unceasingly for the world to come together and overcome the coronavirus and the other paralyzing pandemic, racial injustice.

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