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by | Oct 6, 2020 | Communications, Conference Newsletter, Training

Is your church live streaming on YouTube already? Do you need some guidance on best practices or how to increase your online reach? Don’t miss the three-week training series “YouTube for Churches” by Glade Kynaston from Lakeview UMC via Zoom. Beginning on Wednesday, October 14 from 10:00-11:00 AM and continuing each following Wednesday at 10:00 AM.

After incredible success at Lakeview UMC, increasing their YouTube presence from less than 20 to over 38,000 views and 343 subscribers, Glade Kynaston from Lakeview UMC, will lead a series of webinar sessions to share his insights and answer your questions. Click on any of the links below to register for any of the sessions that fit your church’s needs.

Register for each session and save your registration confirmation email as it contains your unique join link.


This webinar is for beginners and covers:

  • The difference between YouTube and Facebook
  • How to start a YouTube account for the church
  • About the graphics, keywords, and best practices


This webinar is intermediate and covers:

  • About the YouTube dashboard and important settings
  • Setting video titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags
  • Tips for YouTube community chat
  • Best practices for uploading, live streaming and scheduling the broadcast


This webinar is an advanced session for churches that are already publishing or streaming on YouTube. It covers:

  • Understanding the analytics on the Overview page
  • Where are your viewers coming from and how far is your reach
  • Identifying and adjusting to trends and demystifying engagement
Glade Kynaston

About Glade Kynaston

After retiring from his contracting business in 2009, Glade went back to school and obtained his Associate Degrees in Video Production, Audio Engineering, Stage Lighting, Graphic Design, and Photography. He then started a new business in event and wedding videography. It didn’t take him long to learn that he did not want to work in the wedding industry, so he focused his efforts on photography and videography for local businesses. After answering an ad for a Sound Engineer position at Lakeview UMC,  they soon learned of his other talents. Glad was enlisted to move their services online.

What is Glade passionate about?

“Spreading the word of our Lord to as many people as possible throughout the world.” – Glade Kynaston

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