Paul, the apostle, wrote a letter to the church in Ephesus to guide them through a time of division and challenge. He wrote to teach the young church how to be strong disciples in Christ to make a strong community.  Through his letter, we learn how to be superheroes. That was the theme of a recent evening at camp.

Potosi Pines Camp hosted an outdoor worship and a movie on Saturday, October 17. It was a wonderful time to gather and enjoy the beauty of camp and fellowship of the community.

As we each arrived, greeters welcomed us at the camp entrance where we confirmed our pre-registration was complete with covenant and waiver. We were presented with a reminder of safe practices for the gathering, offered a glow necklace to activate as the sun set, and a “call-out” sign to write a words of thanks to raise at prayer time. 

Each person or family unit set up their personal chairs in the spots designated by orange cones. The large movie screen was a backdrop. Tracey, the Camp Director, welcomed the gathering and introduced the youth cast who presented Ephesians 6 on the Armor of God. We enjoyed prayer and a reflection on being a superhero wearing a breastplate of righteousness. 

As the sun set, the temperature dropped, and the movie, Big Hero 6, projected onto the screen. We pulled our blankets and jackets close around and under the stars imagined life as a superhero in our most unusual world of today. 

Our Desert Southwest Conference Camping and Retreat Ministries has developed strong protocol of safe practices so our camp sites of Mingus Mountain and Potosi Pines are open and available in this time of a pandemic. Being in a place set apart and consecrated to unite us with God and one another is a gift in our world today. The journey to one of our campsites raises one above the fray of conflict and stress to a sacred ground and the calming of the Spirit whispering through the pines. When gathering with others, a unity which the spirit longs for is experienced. 

As I drove back into the Las Vegas valley, I could sense that my soul was stronger, my mind was sharper, and my body was renewed. I was now able to enter back into the strains of our times knowing that I was not alone. I was reminded that God is with us and we are with each other.

In Christ’s Peace and Care,

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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