Spiritual Formation Committee Announces: Online courses help your church connect with young people

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Spiritual Formation, Conference Newsletter

Lots of churches worry about staying relevant to young people.  They want to make connections but are unsure about what young people want from them. And in this chaotic time, churches don’t have time or energy to add a lot of additional programming.

The Timothy Circle’s online courses on mentoring and Call culture can help!  Your church has a corner market on something young people crave, and you can give young people relevant support on something they care deeply about without a lot of extra work on your part.

The Timothy Circle offers two online courses to help congregations support young people in their Call discernment – a topic that is incredibly relevant to young people who feel uncertain about their future and how to follow God in a real and personal way.

  1. The Timothy Circle mentoring course gives adult laypeople the tools and confidence they need to form one-on-one mentoring relationships with young people to help them work through this process.
  2. The Timothy Circle’s Culture of Call course gives laypeople the ideas, inspiration, and know-how to see how small tweaks in their church can lead to big changes in supporting the call discernment work of young people.

Course instructor Teryl Cartwright has interviewed over 50 people, including bishops, conference leaders, local church pastors, authors, camping directors and campus ministers to make sure these courses include a wide variety of ideas you can implement in your own setting.  These courses work best when alumni from each work together in your church, so think of several different people in your congregation to take the courses.

The best news is, creating a church culture that celebrates calling impacts the entire congregation – not just the young people.  When we each pay attention to the nudges of God’s Holy Spirit, we all become more passionate, creative, and dedicated members of our congregations.

These online courses are hosted at BeADisciple.com on a rotating schedule; the next courses start in early November.  Don’t wait!  Sign up for an upcoming course at www.beadisciple.com/timothy.

Questions about this offering can be directed to Britt Bradley, Director of the Timothy Circle, at britt.bradley@sckans.edu.

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Author: DSC Communications

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