Prayers of concern woven with thanksgivings

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Through this month of November, we are especially mindful of the blessings for which we give thanks. 

We begin the month with All-Saints Day as we thank the Spirit for the gift of those persons who have brought hope, faith, peace, and love into our world and lives. 

We are ever more aware of the need for such gifts as we enter our nation’s Election Day. We each pray for peace to prevail as we practice our responsibility to vote and pray for those who lead our nation, local governments, and courts. 

The statement below was signed by several clergy who are a part of the network of Nevadans for the Common Good (NCG). We know that many other clergy would also add their signatures. You can add your endorsement by being a presence of calm and assurance to others in your own network of friends and associates. Let us each remind one another of our trustworthy election system and our history of peaceful and graceful transition of elected leadership. Though we have different political expressions and ideologies, as we celebrate in our Holy Communion — we are one in Christ, one with each other, and one in ministry.

Blessings in Christ, 

We trust Nevada’s election system

Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day and both early and mail-in voting has been underway in Nevada for weeks. 

As faith leaders of Nevadans for the Common Good working with leaders in our communities across all political persuasions, we call on citizens to exercise the important right to vote, and to do so with confidence in the integrity of our state’s election process, regardless of your party affiliation or the manner in which you vote.

There have been many accusations and attempts to cast doubt on the election process and how ballots are counted. We believe these are misguided.

We have met with election officials, many of our leaders are trained poll workers, and we are impressed with how state and local officials have organized an orderly and accessible election with appropriate accountability and safeguards.

We are impressed with measures that have been put in place to address the need for increased security and provisions for the pandemic. We applaud the automatic mailing of ballots to all registered voters, the number of early voting sites, and recruitment of additional volunteers.

We know that we are likely to see delays in final counts for any close races, and are confident in our local and state capacity to recount with integrity if it becomes necessary. It is important that decisions not be rushed and claims to victory or defeat not be prematurely declared. Every vote must count.

We need the cooperation of citizens, candidates, and parties. Whatever your political leaning, we encourage you to trust the process. Attempts to harass, disrupt, or otherwise suppress the right to vote of fellow citizens will not be tolerated. These would be an affront to the rule of law, and we will be among the first to denounce such behaviors.

Our traditions teach us the importance of prudence in our common life. May we enter this coming week with calm, with patience, and with reasoned minds. Allow our election officials to do their jobs, and above all assure that every vote is counted. 

Rev. Daniel Morley, Superintendent, The United Methodist Church, Desert Southwest Conference
Rev. Bob Stoekig, Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas
The Rev. Canon Catherine Gregg, Chief of Staff, The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada
Rabbi Malcolm Cohen, Temple Sinai
Rev. Jason Adams, Reformation Lutheran Church
Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, Congregation Ner Tamid
Rev. Carolyn Shannon, Deacon, St. Matthew/San Mateo Episcopal Church
Father Steven R. Hoffer, Pastor, Holy Family Catholic Church
Rev. Michael J. Eaton, Boulder City United Methodist Church
Rev. James Hobart, Deacon, The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada
The Rev. Shannon Leach, Grace in the Desert Episcopal Church
Deacon Tom Roberts, President and CEO, Catholic Charities
Rev. Ron Zanoni, St. Andrew Catholic Community
Pastor Jeremy Nausin, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
The Rev. Carol Walton, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Paul Hansen (retired), Reformation Lutheran Church
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, Rabbi Emerita, Congregation P’nai Tikvah
Rev. Tim Hunsinger, Associate Pastor, Desert Spring United Methodist Church
Rev. Arthur Gafke, Pastor Emeritus, Reno First United Methodist Church
Rev. Daniel Maier, Deacon, Holy Family Catholic Church
Rev. Kristen Gallagher, Pastor-in-Charge, Reno First United Methodist Church
The Very Rev. Jeff Paul, Rector, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Carson City
Rev. David K. Devereaux, Pastor, Desert Spring United Methodist Church
Fr. Rafael Pereira, All Saints Episcopal Church
Deacon Mike Underwood, St. Viator Catholic Community
Rev. Veronica Galas, Deacon, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Carson City
The Rev. Rick OBrien, Epiphany Episcopal Church
The Rev. Bonnie Polley, Christ Church Episcopal 
Rev. Jennifer Hageman, Trinity United Methodist Church
Rev. Terri L. Hubbard, University United Methodist Church

— from The Nevada Independent, https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/we-trust-nevadas-election-system

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Author: Dan Morley

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