Host a viewing party of The Long Shadow PBS Documentary

by | Nov 4, 2020 | DSC-RACE Coalition, Featured-News

The DSC-RACE Coalition presents a unique opportunity for Desert Southwest Conference churches. Host a viewing party to share the PBS documentary featuring award-winning Director Frances Causey’s personal living experience of white privilege in the context of the history of anti-black racism in the US, called The Long Shadow. Find out more at http://thelongshadowfilm.com/race/


  • Award-winning filmmaker addresses white privilege head-on in this acclaimed documentary.
  • Utilized nationally in the conversation about white supremacy by leading organizations like Target.
  • New short film streaming free alongside monthly Q&A’s about how to take action with Director Frances Causey.

“Frances Causey’s personal journey in exposing her own family’s history of slaveholding and how the institution of slavery continues to have an impact today is both brave and incredible… a must-see, over and over again!” -YOLANDA SMITH, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NAACP HOUSTON


The Long Shadow follows former CNN Senior Producer, TED contributor, and Emmy-Award winning Director Frances Causey as
she traces her family’s legacy of white privilege, placing it in the context of the history of anti-black racism in the United States that
continues to impact our society today. The Long Shadow has reached more than 80% of the country through National PBS Broadcasts and is being rebroadcast on PBS stations across the country today.


Former CNN Senior Producer and Director Frances Causey regularly speaks to organizations and media outlets addressing both the film
and the role her personal story of white privilege plays in helping others take critical steps to acknowledge their implicit bias and work to
create change in their community.


The NEW 15-minute version of The Long Shadow is available for free streaming on our website. This short version of the film is designed to increase access to learning about the continued impact of white supremacy and to guide community members in acknowledging and
undoing the harm done by systematic racism.


The Long Shadow was a film I had to make. It has become a go-to primer for white folks who want to better understand our nation’s 400
years of systemic racism. The film is educating white people on what it will take to reckon with this tragedy and make an important, positive impact in the African-American community through real change. We know that the story of slavery and Jim Crow is an American story and is not one that the African-American community is responsible for repairing.
– Frances Causey, Director
– Sally Holst, Producer


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Author: DSC Communications

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