Where Loves Lives, From our Younger People

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Where Love Lives

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In gratefulness, today, we receive the voice of four of our younger persons within the California-Pacific Conference about how scripture is primary to them in creating a place where love lives.  The following are excerpts and links to the full posts.

“Though the synoptic gospels often share parallel stories, what makes John’s version interesting is that it centers on a young person, a young boy, and still has relevance today.” – The one who had five loaves and two fish by Erich Grimm-Schmitt

“As I have gone through this last semester of my college career under the predicaments of COVID-19, I found peace of mind and affirmation in reading scriptures and remembering all the ones spoken to me when I was young.” – O le mata’u ia Ieova, o le amataga o le poto lea by Taimane Yasuda

“I am part of a generation that prizes independence, being self-made, and “getting to the top” alone. While those can all be nice attributes to have, as a church, “self” contradicts the love of Christ that binds all of scripture together.” – To be a window of that biblical love by Valerie Hungalu

“Whenever something goes right and whenever something goes wrong, we can turn to scripture to help us out. Scripture is a way for all of God’s children to seek help with whatever is happening. The best place to do this is the church. Any church.” – I’m a double P.K. – I’ve seen a lot of scripture by Tre’ Cyrus-Franklin

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