Yes, like the depth of your ‘root’ in your Christian daily life,

We all know that most trees have a ‘tap root’ that anchors them –
      we should have that same kind of root …

But OUR root is the strength of our witness or testimony of why we
     are believers and followers of Christ,

A few weeks ago, my Pastor asked all of us to ‘think’ about our witness
     story….why we chose to follow Jesus;
          why we choose to read God’s word and try our best to live by it …

Since her sermon – I keep thinking about my witness … and how it stays
     strong and viable as I have aged and after experiencing many
          changes in my life….and, also, how I think my ‘stabilizing root’
               isn’t always holding me upright!

In our personal life, denominational life, and life in the entire world …
     there are so many ‘things’ that are currently and constantly changing,

Soooo, just sharing this with all of you … to ask you how often … OR, if you
     ever go back to your ‘root’ and recall your testimony or witness of Faith?

Doing so, even in times of uncertainty around us … will hopefully remind us
     to keep our focus on why we became believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

Jeannie Ward
West District Lay Leader

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