Let’s talk about ‘roots’ – Jeremiah 17:7-8

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Conference Newsletter, West District Lay Leader(s) Blog, West District Newsletter, West District Web Page

Yes, like the depth of your ‘root’ in your Christian daily life,

We all know that most trees have a ‘tap root’ that anchors them –
      we should have that same kind of root …

But OUR root is the strength of our witness or testimony of why we
     are believers and followers of Christ,

A few weeks ago, my Pastor asked all of us to ‘think’ about our witness
     story….why we chose to follow Jesus;
          why we choose to read God’s word and try our best to live by it …

Since her sermon – I keep thinking about my witness … and how it stays
     strong and viable as I have aged and after experiencing many
          changes in my life….and, also, how I think my ‘stabilizing root’
               isn’t always holding me upright!

In our personal life, denominational life, and life in the entire world …
     there are so many ‘things’ that are currently and constantly changing,

Soooo, just sharing this with all of you … to ask you how often … OR, if you
     ever go back to your ‘root’ and recall your testimony or witness of Faith?

Doing so, even in times of uncertainty around us … will hopefully remind us
     to keep our focus on why we became believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

Jeannie Ward
West District Lay Leader

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