A message from the DSC Economic Inequality Task Force

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Not In USe

Written by the Chair of the Desert Southwest Conference Economic Inequality Task Force

Today a huge roadblock has been removed on the highway to equality and justice for all the people in the USA. All of us in the Church & Society family of The United Methodist Church, and all who burn with a desire to right the inequities of our society, to correct the harm to God’s creation, and to fire the love for humanity, let us join together on the highway to a better world. It will not be an easy goal, but putting one step after another, we can build momentum and increase our numbers on this journey.

We all have a special area that we feel most strongly about, a special God-given talent to utilize, and an organization in place to direct it. Like Martin Luither King Jr. whom we recognized this week, We have a dream. Let’s follow it.

We witnessed an inauguration today filled with beautiful music, speeches, and poetry. All given to hope and love, not fear. Praise be to God!

Bud Clark

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Author: DSC Communications

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