Requests for Bibles are exceeding the numbers we have available at UMOM! If your church has bibles to donate, please contact Patricia Magyar from UMOM New Day Centers at pmagyar@umom.org. Pick up can be arranged for churches in the Phoenix area. Please inform your congregation and invite them to help us meet this growing need by including the following message in your next newsletter or congregational email.

UMOM needs our help. Bibles for distribution at the center are running low. In fact, the requests for bibles are higher than their current supply. Are you able to donate a supply of Bibles, including children’s Bibles, for UMOM’s clients? If you subscribe to the Upper Room, consider donating your out-of-date Upper Room resources to UMOM too. Donations of bibles and Upper Room may be sent to Patricia Magyar, UMOM New Day Centers, 3333 E. Van Buren Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008. If you are in the Phoenix area and want to schedule a pick up of your Bible(s), please contact Pat at pmagyar@umom.org. Thank you!

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