Join us for The Gathering 2021. This is a time for clergy who are serving churches or are a member of our Conference to join together for conversation, worship, and community.  The restrictions of COVID make it a challenge, but we will go ahead and meet when we planned.  We will hold open the possibility of meeting in person later in the year, but for now, we will hold our conversations on the zoom platform. 

The event will be ALL VIRTUAL.  There is NO COST.  You will need to be able to log into zoom, available for free on any platform.

Please set aside 10:00 am – 12:00 noon MST on February 23 and 24. We may be finished a little early, but please hold that time as sacred with our community. 

Please register your attendance ahead of time by clicking the green “Register Now” button at the bottom of this page.  Once you are registered, you will receive an email no later than the day before with more instructions for signing in.


We need you to lead our workshops! What would you like to offer? It can be serious or funny, deep or fluff. YOU are our experts, so lead us! Want to lead a conversation about Best Live Streaming Practices, tell us! Want to lead a conversation about the Best Jokes Ever, volunteer! Want to lead a time to share your favorite Instant Pot recipes, sign up! The sky is the limit; we want your experience!

Sign up to suggest a workshop or to offer to lead a workshop when you register.

Our Agenda:

Tuesday, February 23    

10:00 am  Worship
11:00 am  Announcements and Housekeeping
11:15 am   Orders meetings in breakout rooms
Noon  Done (unless Orders need more time)

Wednesday, February 24

10:00 am   Q&A with Bishop Bob
10:45 am  Workshops in breakout rooms
11:45 am   Closing “vespers” service with communion
Noon   Done

Questions can be sent to Rev. Lynn Bartlow.

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Author: Dina Reid

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