Honoring Those Who Served

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By Bryan Ruth, Chair Veterans Ministry

Our United Methodist Social Principles states, “The church deplores war and all other forms of violent conflict and urges the peaceful settlement of all disputes.” It goes on to state, “We honor and offer support to those who choose military service…” With our Nation’s current war on terror, military personnel are acknowledged and thanked for their service. What happens when she/he trades their uniform for civilian clothes and are now known as a Veteran?

There exists many government and private organizations serving our Veterans with medical/dental care, career advice, financial advice, mental health resources, housing, suicide prevention, and a myriad of other services. One area of assistance missing is Spiritual Care. For this reason, the Desert Southwest Conference is introducing a Veterans Ministry. The intent of this ministry is to honor and offer support to those who have served honorably as well as to offer their families Spiritual Care.

Our ministry goals are:

A.  Identify, recognize, and honor Veterans who are members of or frequent attendees of churches within the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church.

B.  Educate our congregations around the issues and benefits Veterans have earned due to their service for the United States.

C.  Reach out to Veterans and their families in the surrounding community.

D.  Community involvement through Veterans’ service organizations and the VA.

A guidebook is available to assist churches in developing this program. Please click here to download the guidebook. Please do not hesitate to contact Bryan Ruth, Chair of Veterans Ministry, at 480-266-4113 or bryanrutha7@yahoo.com.

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