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by | Feb 25, 2021 | Where Love Lives, Featured-News, Western Jurisdiction News

In this month’s Desert Southwest Conference resources for the Western Jurisdiction’s Where Love Lives media campaign, Bishop Bob starts us off with a video message and pastoral prayer about the desire and actions from the Conferences in the Western Jurisdiction towards fair and equal ordination for all. Click on the video below to watch the message. To share this message in your church communication channels, please click on the big green button and download a copy of the video.

Later in March, additional resources on this subject will be available for local church use. When those resources are posted, local church communicators that are already receiving weekly Tuesday Talk emails from the Director of Communications, Christina Dillabough, will receive a notification email. To subscribe to these weekly messages and conversations email your request to cdillabough@dscumc.org.

Additional Video Messages for Local Church Use

As the “Where Love Lives” campaign celebrates its sixth month, the Western Jurisdiction continues to call on everyone to recommit to the promise of Fair and Equal Ordination for All. This commitment liberates all our clergy — including our LGBTQ+ clergy — to love and serve God and the community in fully open and honest ways, without fear of discrimination, derision, or punishment. The Desert Southwest Conference and the Western Jurisdiction strive to be a home for all God’s people, where Fair and Equal Ordination for All is just one expression of being a place #wherelovelivesUMC.

Below, you’ll soon find three videos that churches can use to help share that message. Please contact the Director of Communications at cdillabough@dscumc.org if you want an email notification when each additional video is ready.

One more video will be posted here soon. Please contact the Director of Communications at communications@dscumc.org if you want an email notification when each additional video is ready.

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Author: DSC Communications

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