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by Alberta Farnsworth, United Methodist Women Conference president

Lent is the time of year for reflecting on our life as a Christian and preparing to remember the sacrifice Christ made for us. Contemplation seems a bit easier this year when our lives have been forced to slow down because of a virus over which we had no control. A year ago, I didn’t imagine that I would be excited that millions of people are standing (or sitting in their cars) in line in order to get a vaccination and will happily do it again in 3 or 4 weeks.

United Methodist Women has been important to me and has been such a blessing throughout my life in encouraging me to look at life through many different lenses. The Reading Program was probably the gateway into my involvement. Each year, I am excited to see the new titles, and I look through my public library catalog, and I also check the cost through Amazon and Barnes and Noble for the books I want to read that are not available through my library.

March 23rd is the Day of Giving for United Methodist Women to make contributions to the Legacy Fund that will be matched by a generous donor. That is a good day for each of us to say thank you to United Methodist Women for what the organization means to us individually.

March is also when we will have our first Spiritual Growth virtual retreat. Holy Humor is going to be so much fun. The team has really brainstormed some fun activities and Rev. Ann Lyter will get us all in a happy frame of mind. We will leave the event knowing God is with us and has a sense of humor. I hope to see you all there (on my Zoom screen) on March 20.

I will end with a quote from a devotional book, The Road Back to God, by Larry Neeb. The devotion for Wednesday, the Second Week of Lent, the prayer begins with, “We are truly rich when we are satisfied. We are poor when we constantly feel that we need more.” My prayer for myself and you is that we do feel satisfied. God is good.

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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