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by | Mar 13, 2021 | UMW-Conference-Mailchimp

by Cyndi Heinecke, vice president

It is almost a year from when we officially had the beginning of our Covid-19 quarantine. None of us need to be reminded of what changes have occurred worldwide due to the pandemic. But it hasn’t been without moments of encouragement and hope by UNITED METHODIST WOMEN.

Think about the women in your units and the work that has been accomplished despite the difficulties faced this year. Think about the social justice issues you continued to learn about this year. Think about the people that you prayed for, called, and worshiped with online. Think also of all the faith, hope, and love in action. I also think of all the technology you have learned this year and will continue to learn as time marches on. The word Zoom is an immensely popular word for all of us.

As we speak, a team of women are working to make our HOLY HUMOR retreat on March 20th a success. Women are meeting, planning, and training for MISSION u this summer. Our units are thinking of new ways for fundraisers and programs. Our Annual Celebration will once again be combined with the districts this year for faith hope and love to be shared by all, together. We also have our new Western Jurisdiction team beginning the process of four years of planning for our next Jurisdiction meeting.

There are many questions your team can ask yourselves to begin to plan. Yes, it may take hard work and many changes but just picking up a copy of response magazine shows the hope of our work ahead. It also shows inspiration and people to help you to have amazing programs.

Unitedmethodistwomen.org, our website, has a wealth of knowledge, information, and assistance for all your programming needs as well. Faith Talks are scheduled regularly by our National team and on a variety of topics with great speakers.

On March 23 we again celebrate the annual Day of Giving for the Legacy Fund. Make your commitment and let us celebrate all that we have accomplished and will continue to accomplish.

Let us continue the legacy of the past 150 years. WE’VE GOT THIS!!

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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