By Billie K. Fidlin   Director of Outreach & Justice

We are delighted to share that our campus ministries welcome both gift cards in $20.00 increments, to be delivered to the campus ministry, or, you may donate to the Annual Conference funding, which will be distributed among our campus ministries.

Delivering the cards in person will give you a chance to visit and see our campus ministries in action. Donating through the Conference will allow you the ease of donations. This customized link, https://bit.ly/2021Mission, will take donors to the Desert Southwest Conference financial gifts form. Click here to download the QR code to the donation page. Both are good and welcome!

As always, please keep track of your church’s donations, both financial and gift card totals, and email your totals to Billie Fidlin, Director of Outreach & Justice – by June 8th. Our Conference generosity will be announced at Annual Conference in the report on the 2021 Mission Project. Thank you!

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