An All-in Resurrection Life

by | Apr 7, 2021 | North District Notes, North District Web Page

Since living in Las Vegas, many out-of-town family and friends have made their way to our home for a visit. Most want to check out the Vegas spots and Bonnie and I will sometimes be a tour guide. Other times we just point to places they can check out on their own.

Bonnie’s sister, Betty, came for a visit and it was just at the conclusion of one of Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef seasons. Checking out Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace was a must. Betty knew everything to know about Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. She was on-fire and all-in. Being with Betty at Ramsay’s restaurant was exciting and energizing. It was a thrill because she was thrilled. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Without Betty, I would probably have had a nice meal and pleasant experience. With Betty, it was a memory-making experience. The ambience was better, the food was better, the silverware was better because Betty was on-fire and all-in.

Now, that’s what Easter is all about. Jesus was all-in in every way and the grave that was meant to hold him in, exploded with life. Jesus gave his all, and there was life. Anyone touched by the resurrection, is also resurrected because it is infectious. Because it is not only a memory-making experience, but also a life-making experience.

In time, more and more of our churches are returning to in-person worship — though with restrictions and reductions for safe practices. When that time comes for you to personally return back to in-person worship, may it be with an enthusiasm which comes from being all-in and thrilled to be present. Let us have the excitement to see one another and to share the resurrected life Christ offers us. May others see that you are on-fire and all-in with your love of the Lord, church community, everyone, and anyone.

I am all-in with you — that’s what Easter is about — an all-in resurrection life!

In Christ’s Love,

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Author: Dan Morley

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